Cognitive Therapy in 5 StepsTraining in five Steps

Step 1: Screen Your Clientscreening S

  • The therapist measures the client's performance
  • RehaCom offers 9 screening modules to test cognitive deficits
  • Screening modules provide results in comparison with healthy people of same gender and age
  • As a result of testing, the system recommends RehaCom therapy with specific therapy modules which fit the client's needs.

Avaliable screening modules:
Alertness • Divided Attention • Response Control • Spatial Search / Neglect
Memory • Logical Reasoning • Visual Field • Visual Scanning

Step 2: Choose Appropriate Therapy ModulesModuleChoicex

  • There are 20+ RehaCom therapy modules available
  • Each module has hundreds of tasks with different levels of difficulty:
    from very easy - to highly complex tasks
  • Each module works auto adaptive
  • Modules are available for a basic therapy of fundamental cognitive functions
    as well as for therapy of complex daily life abilities

Auto adaptivity:
RehaCom measures the current performance of the client during course of therapy and automatically switches to the according level of difficulty. This guarantees best therapy results for the client.

Step 3: Individualize the TherapyAUFM Parax

  • Therapists can adjust every module exactly to the client's needs
  • The auto adaptive mode of every module can be adapted to different therapeutic tasks
  • Parameters can be adjusted to control therapy duration, number of tasks, working speed, feedback etc.
  • Therapy modules can be adapted to client's family background, profession or personal preferences.

Individualize therapy material:
An individualized therapy is not a must, but a nice to have. Every client has a story and other needs. With RehaCom you are well-prepared for all challenges a therapy may have.

Step 4: Let's Get the Therapy StartedGEA2 Startx

  • Before the therapy starts the therapist has to introduce the therapy task to the client
  • RehaCom supports this introduction by instructions or tutorials
  • After instruction phase the client works for a time of 15 to 60 minutes
  • The computer monitors the client during the therapy

The client works independently:
The RehaCom module monitors the client's behavior, reaction times, mistakes etc. The system gives feedback and adapts the difficulty level automatically.

Step 5: Analyze the Therapy ResultsTrainingresultsx

  • All screening and therapy results are stored automatically to the client's data
  • The therapist can evaluate and print results as overview or in detail
  • By detailed recording of the course of the therapy, the decicion for next therapy tasks is easy
  • After a defined number of therapy sessions the success of the therapy can be monitored by repetition of the screening and comparison of results before and after therapy.

Different views of result display:
There is an easy results view to explain the progress of the therapy to the patient in a clear and easy to understand way. A more complex result view allows the therapist to see every detail. All results can be printed out for documentation .