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RehaCom was developed by leading experts to be used by professionals.

The therapist always leads the therapy.He works with the patient and offers structure, motivation and feedback on the progress.

The program is challenging and rewarding. For the best possible therapy effect sustained effort is necessary. That's the reason why there is always a therapist involved.


Read our User Experiences!

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Dr. phil. Hendrik Niemann

Head of Department of Neuropsychology Clinic Leipzig, Germany; Chairman of the German Society for Neuropsychology until 2013

"In our inpatient rehabilitation center, we have been using the RehaCom programs for many years very successfully with our neurological patients. For example, the programs for exploration, saccadic eye movements and reading are very helpful for patients with visual field defects. The default criterion for moving patients back and forth through the difficulty levels of each task is self-explanatory and can be individually adjusted if necessary. The feedback while performing a task as well as the graphic profile at the end of each session is helpful for patients and therapists to monitor progress. Another important feature of RehaCom is the special keyboard which is easily used by patients with motor impairments.

In summary, the RehaCom system is highly recommendable for the remediation of neuro-cognitive deficits and should be integrated in a cognitive rehabilitation concept."


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Prof. Dr. Sandra Verena Müller

Chair of Rehabilitation and Integration; Ostfalia University of Applied Science Braunschweig/Wolfenbüttel, Germany

"As specialist for impairments of executive functions I developed 3 therapy modules in cooperation with the company HASOMED. The cognitive fields attention, memory and executive functions are trained in the late phase of rehabilitation. The tasks of these modules have a deep practical orientation, which help the patient to return into his working life.

Many of my colleagues are successfully using RehaCom in their therapy due to user friendliness and the scientifically background."


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Dr. rer. nat. Hartwig Kulke

Specialty Rehabilitation Hospital Herzogenaurach, Germany; Department of Neuropsychology, Supervisor GNP

"As head of the Department of Neuropsychology, I treat patients after Stroke and TBI for many years now. We use RehaCom very successfully. The therapy with RehaCom is user-friendly and numerous studies show the effectiveness of the treatment.

Parallel to my clinical work, I treat patients with an ongoing supervised home training. This way, the teletherapy with RehaCom enables to continue with the cognitive training as long as the patient really needs it."


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Dr. Volker Peschke

“Dr. Peter Weber, CEO of HASOMED and I know each other for more than 20 years. At that time, we both were involved in research for the development of medical devices; hence a close and innovative cooperation began. In the early nineties I started to work with RehaCom and treated my Neglect patients with the SAKA exploration training on a 32 inch TV screen. In the following years, HASOMED developed more and more RehaCom training modules close to everyday life, which enabled my clients to cope with daily activities again. CEO and head of development Frank Schulze always appreciated wishes, ideas and constructive criticism resulting from the therapy with RehaCom. I always enjoy our conversations and discussions about further developments and improvements. It is my personal conviction that both, clients and therapists, benefit from training with RehaCom.“


Thoene-Otto small


Dr. Angelika Thoene-Otto

Clinical Neuropsychologist at the University of Leipzig, Daycare Clinic for Cognitive Neurology

“RehaCom Cognitive Training programs are being developed according to recent scientific findings and are continuously updated, thus we can be sure to treat our patients with latest state-of-the-art materials. The programs are an important part of the functional training within our neuropsychological therapy in an outpatient unit for brain injured patients of different etiologies. Patients as well as therapists appreciate the very user-friendly interfaces, the adaptive way of increasing task difficulty and the motivating feedback of progress.“


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Logo Barnes small

Dr. Andrew Barnes

Clinical Neuropsychologist, Bad Ems, Germany

“RehaCom offers excellent opportunities for delivering individualized cognitive training programs to brain-injured patients in their homes. Through the internet patients can be monitored and supervised in their regular training. As a therapist working with outpatients I find a major advantage of this approach to be that it enables time-consuming cognitive exercises to take place outside of weekly therapy sessions. There is thus more time available in face-to-face therapy for other important rehabilitation issues such as emotional adjustment.”




Prof. Dr. phil. Helmut Hildebrandt

Centre of Neurology Bremen, Germany and Institute of Psychology at the University of Oldenburg, Germany

"I know the RehaCom software as instrument for neuropsychological rehabilitation since my first steps in this field. During the years an increasing number of specific training modules have been added to it and we use it regularly in our unit for severe impaired and mildly impaired patients.

I can highly recommend its use in clinical practice because: it is easy to use, trains specifically impaired functions, adapts automatically to the level of the patients and has been proven to be efficient."