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ISO9001 certificate


In 1988 we were developing computerised systems for the diagnosis of the cognitive impairments that so often follow a stroke or TBI (traumatic brain injury). Based at the University of Magdeburg in Germany, we were carrying out some quite groundbreaking work. This was the early days of personal computing as well as the first attempts to apply this technology to cognitive rehabilitation.

Computer aided diagnosis could have been the end of the story, but for us it was just the beginning. We had a bigger vision. We wanted to create a complete therapy tool to be able to treat cognitive impairments with computer technology. This is how RehaCom started.

In 1992, RehaCom became reality with the first clinically tried and tested training modules. It became the foundation of our company HASOMED which has now grown to employ almost a hundred people.

Today, RehaCom is accepted as Europe’s leading system for computerised cognitive rehabilitation. It has evolved with the collaboration of therapists and many scientific experts. We have refined RehaCom over the years as it’s effectiveness has been demonstrated in all rehabilitation phases.

Since we started this journey, millions of patients have benefited by using RehaCom. This is something that we are proud of as it means that we have helped these individuals recover from cognitive impairments and cope with everyday life once again.

More and more professionals are convinced that RehaCom can help them provide for patients who need cognitive training; whether those patients use RehaCom in a clinic, private practice or at home, we believe you will be impressed with the results.

Certified manufacturer of medical devices

In May 2003, HASOMED GmbH successfully passed an audit for quality management according DIN EN ISO 9001/ DIN EN ISO 13485. For that reason HASOMED is authorized to develop and manufacture medical devices. To provide our customers with premium quality is our commitment. (View our certificate on the right side.)