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Benefits of RehaCom:

  • Developed by leading scientists
  • Evidence based on scientific theory
  • Motivating design, challenging tasks
  • Automatic adaption to patients needs
  • Much more than just brain jogging

Benefits for therapists:

  • Quality made in Germany with the knowlage of clinical neuropsychologists
  • An easy to use therapy tool covering all groups of cognitive disorders in all rehabilitation phases
  • More time to really care for your patients

Benefits for clients:

  • A medical therapy device that will help you to achieve your therapy goal successfully and quickly
  • Easy handling by touchscreen or special patients keyboard
  • Tailored to the need of patients, easy to learn and understand


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Over the past decade, leading scientists have begun to uncover the brain's ability to recover from injury, or neuroplasticity. As understanding of the brain's functions has increased, the medical field has created therapies that stimulate recovery. That is the way which allows RehaCom to change the effectiveness of brain functions to perform at their maximum capacity. Other programs just train various skills such as reading, math, or time management. RehaCom acts on a different, more fundamental level.

Substantial benefits: RehaCom's approach is specific and effective. Other companies make wide claims, but they are vague about the specifics of what is being improved.

RehaCom is fundamental cognitive therapy,
not just the next brain jogging, no skills learning!

Scientifically Proven Results

Many studies worldwide show the efficiency of RehaCom in all rehabilitation phases.

RehaCom Progressgraph


Study Example:

Flavia, M.; Stampatony, C; Zanotti, D.; Parrinello,G.; Capra, R.
"Efficacy and specificity of intense cognitive rehabilitation of attention and executive functions"
Results: "After rehabilitation, only the study group significantly improved in tests of attention, information processing and executive functions, as well as in depression scores."
Published: Journal of the Neurological Sciences 288 (2010) 101–105, Official Journal of the World Federation of Neurology

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Additional Positive Effects

RehaCom has a positive effect on the client's well-being and helps to improve quality of life. This leads to increased self-confidence and self-esteem and to better vocational opportunities.